Business Counseling

The BDC offers one-on-one counseling\mentoring to our incubator clients.  We do understand the ups and downs of starting-up and maintaining a new business.  We understand that your new venture is exciting and intriguing, but that it also can be demanding and frustrating at times.  We will share the burden and offer good solid and proven advice and knowledge to help you over that hump and onto the brighter side.

We are also connected to a Rural Entrepreneurial Network of service providers throughout the five county region of Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Northampton and Wilson Counties. This is a free referral-based network of professionals who can assist with training/education, technical assistance, access to capital, coaching and mentoring.

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Olga Abrams, Manager
Upper Coastal Plain Business Development Center (BDC)

Greg T. Godard, CEO
Upper Coastal Plain Development Corp.

Executive Director of the Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments


Our current BDC clients are there to collaborate with you and share their experiences and expertise along the way. They will also be here to help you get a good foundation and feel of the journey.  Its a win-win situation!

Gordon Robinson, One on One Design Solutions      Christina      Mr. O'Hanlon