Collaborative Work Spaces

3rd floor

Why Collaborative Workspaces are a terrific choice :

Collaborative workspaces are open comfortable spaces within and incubator where a diverse group of people can work together, brainstorm and collaborate on ideas from different perspectives. A professional environment that offers the perfect solution for:

  • The freelancer
  • The Professional
  • The remote worker
  • The work at home mom/dad who needs a professional affordable space
  •  Small business owner just starting out
  • Anyone who needs a space to work without all the overhead

Collaborative work spaces also offer free perks that are very useful to your success:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Phone, copier, fax, conference rooms, receptionist without all the overhead cost
  • Seminars- With High Profile Guest Speakers to help you on your journey
  • Networking Events where you can get to know your collaborative co-worker and others
  • A warm, friendly, comfortable, and laid back, yet professional atmosphere to work and refuel
  • Socialization with other like-minded people
  • Professional appearance for your business without the high overhead cost or renting an entire office building.

Benefits of Collaborative workspaces:

  • Convenience
  • Reasonably priced Office Spaces
  • Great Location and Atmosphere
  • Socialization, Productivity, and Flexibility
  • Getting your name and or product known by other professionals and businesses

So, what are you waiting for….think big, start small, act now……… call us today for a tour and/or consultation.

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